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The Right Stuff

Mini-Crete stock a wide range of concrete mixes and products designed to get the best possible results. Whether it is enough material for a large pour for a local council - or simply enough cement for a domestic retaining wall or slab - Mini-crete deliver what they say, and when they say it. Client’s appreciate the can do attitude and helpful advice of the Mini-Crete team. The end result is a product that can be relied upon, and a project that will stand the test of time.


Concrete Strengths and Uses
  • 20 mpa Used for footpaths, footings, shed slabs and postholes
  • 25 mpa Driveways, footings and slabs
  • 32 mpa Heavy use driveways, suspended slab and other structural uses
  • 40 mpa Structural use where required for specialised use
We also have a range of additives to your concrete
  • Acclerator
  • Water reducer
  • Wide range of colours & oxide
Bagged Drymixes
  • Concrete bags
  • Sand & cement
  • General purpose cement
Reinforcement Mesh Products
  • F72 – full or half sheet
  • F62 – full or half sheet
  • 12mm bar
  • Trench mesh 3 bar
  • Trench mesh 4 bar
Concreting Products & Tools
  • Bar chairs – various sizes
  • Expansion joint
  • Sheet plastic
  • Tie wire
  • Various concrete tools.
Mini-Crete caters for all projects, large and small.
From driveways to BBQ slabs and everything in between, Mini-Crete is able to provide the right solution.
When it comes to concrete, "We Go Hard".
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